Two girls giving a handjob!


“Ok, we can help you jerk your cock Mr. Franklin, but we ain’t gonna swallow the sticky stuff that’s gross, oh my gawd!” Says two curious teens Karla and Carmen as they spot the neighborhood perv jerking his cock!

Meet two teens Karla and Carmen as they spot their next o neighbor, Mr. Franking while he is jerking off.  Teens Karla and Carmen get excited at the site of his large cock as he is jerking feverishly on it. They peek inside the window to check out the perv as he beats his dick. “Oh my Gawd!, Mr. Franklin!!!!” Upon the site of the horny teens, Mr. Franklin invites them in and to his surprise these teens want to help him jack off his large cock!

“We just came over to get some sugar, ut if you want us to help you jack off we will give you a handjob. These two horny teens jack, jerk, stroke, spit and talk dirty to release that huge cumshot from Mr. Franklin. “Were just going to jerk your cock off, but we dont wanna swallow the sticky cum, thats gross! These babes are hot, young and horny for massive cumshots from big strong cocks like Mr. Fraklins! Fuck yeah!

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clubtug teens give handjob to large cock as it erupts jizz!

clubtug teens give handjob to large cock as it erupts jizz!

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