Angie Niore Scolds Joey and Pulls His Pud For Him


Hitting the books is so overrated which is why Joey decides to ditch his homework and focus on his dick instead. As this episode from shows though, this move gets him in some seriously hot water with his step mom – but it also gets him a very intense handjob, something he’s always fantasized about that eventually turns into reality. Getting your pud pulled by your hot step mom beats studying any day of the week so the real winner in this insanely hot video is none other than Joey himself!

Angie Niore is beyond furious when she walks into Joey’s room and finds him jerking off instead of studying. He doesn’t bother to put his dick away as the stern lady stands with her hand on her hip scolding him and the sight of his erect dick turns her on big time so slowly but surely she stops lecturing the horny guy and instead makes her way to his bed to give him a hand. The turn of events catches Joey off guard but he doesn’t put up any resistance as his super hot step mom grabs his dick and starts stroking it.

She looks him straight in the eye as both her hands circle the massive prick and she licks his dick head while massaging his balls in a move that has Joey curling up his toes. Angie Niore knows that in order to get her step son to focus, she must stroke his cock to completion so she does just that and you will never believe where on her body he ejaculates – find out now by watching this full length video at


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