Reagan Lush Jerks Off Her Step Dad Until He Pops


Hooking up with a step parent is a major no-no but Reagan Lush has never played by the rules. She likes to do things her way and that means hooking up with her step dad when her mom goes out to run errands. The sexy tatted up blonde knows her step father could use some major relaxation after a stressful day at work and she also knows that a good stroke job is the only way he’ll be able to fully chill out so she grabs his dick and polishes it until it pops as this hot video from shows.

There’s something incredibly tempting about having something you’re not supposed to have and for Reagan Lush the one thing forbidden is her step dad’s cock which is why she finds it so irresistible. She gives into her lusty feelings on this particular day by pouncing on the older man’s dick and rubbing it so sensually that he has no option but to cum hard. Her stroke job skills are impeccable and she flaunts them boldly as she rubs the long hard cock up and down.

This is the kind of cock treatment her step dad has secretly fantasized about since their first meeting but the reality far exceeds any of his expectations. He moans as Reagan Lush focuses on his throbbing dick head, which she teases with her finger tips and then balls up in the palm of her hand and twists around and around until she brings her step dad to the edge. Then she uses fast strokes to make him explode. Watching her play with his cum will make you nut hard.


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