Slutty Brandi Jerks Off a Boy in Class


Brandi is in trouble at school for jerking off guys in class but that doesn’t stop her from taking a time out to tug another guy’s dick in the midst of her punishment. As this video from shows, this is one broad who never learns because she goes full throttle on the dick before her and then resumes her punishment as if nothing happened. The classroom handjob dished out by the slutty teen babe is mesmerizing because she’s insanely good with her hands! No wonder the guys can’t get enough of her tugjobs.

Every action has a consequence. This is something Brandi learns the hard way when she gets busted for jerking her male classmates off in class. Her punishment is to write the sentence “I will not jerk boys off in class” over and over again on the black board but clearly the words don’t resonate with her because right as she’s writing them out, a hung boy walks in and distracts her from her punishment. She doesn’t wince as she grabs his big dick and starts stroking it.

She’s a size queen and getting to play with such a massive dick, especially in a forbidden place really turns her on. The more turned on Brandi is, the faster she strokes the dick. Her hand travels up and down the big dick, exploring every inch of the big dong and paying close attention to the thick dick head. She rubs that cut cock over and over again until she pushes the lucky guy over the edge. The smile on her face when cum spurts out of that big dick is absolutely priceless. Now slutty Brandi can go back to finishing up the rest of her punishment.


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