Krystal Orchid Jerks Off Her Step Dad


Krystal Orchid giving her step dad a handjobMr. Johnson lucked out in the sense that he married into a family with a very horny teen who has absolutely no sense of boundaries because there is one crucial one she’s not supposed to cross and yet she does so in such a brazen fashion in this episode of that you’ll be left shaking your head and cock in utter disbelief. The teen in question is his step daughter Krystal Orchid and her shocking “crime” is that she’s bold enough to jerk his cock right in her own mother’s living room!

Krystal Orchid is a very naughty babe with a bit of a perverted side to her. She’s also an opportunist and when she catches her equally perverted step dad rubbing out one while watching porn, she can’t help but seize this opportunity to jerk his fat cock. This is something she’s dreamed about doing for a while now and it’s finally coming true so the hot babe doesn’t waste a single moment latching onto that big cock with both her hands and milking it dry.

Krystal Orchid milks an erect boner blonde teen babe tugging a mature man's prick teen milks a cock until it explodes

If her step father had any doubts about her cock milking skills, those doubts are put to rest when she starts off with a one hand stroking motion that culminates into a two-hand handjob. She spreads her legs so he can finger her pussy through her panties and then smiles when the mature man throws his head back because it feels so good to have her hands around his cock wanking away instead of him doing it for himself. So does she make him burst a nut before her mom comes back home or not? Find out at


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