Charlotte McKenna Milks Her Boyfriend to Completion


What’s a girl to do if her boyfriend would rather go out with his buddies than hang out at home with her? If that girl is Charlotte McKenna, she gets naked and gets down on her knees where she strokes his dick until it explodes. This works for the busty babe in this hot video at but the real winner here is the man who gets a mesmerizing suck and tug from the whole deal. This video is shot from your point of view so it’ll actually feel like she’s servicing you and not her own man!

Charlotte McKenna doesn’t like to be ignored which is why she’s pissed that her boyfriend is choosing his friends over her but she knows the perfect way to get his attention and it involves stripping off her tight little black dress and putting her mouth and hands to work. She knows he’s not immune to her naked body and one look at her big bouncy tits swinging in his face, the horny guy cancels all plans to go out and instead settles into a chair so he can get serviced.

First on the menu is a sloppy blowjob as the busty babe slobbers all over the dick until it hardens in her mouth. She looks up at her man as she sucks him off hard and then strokes his cock, squeezing out all the precum with each stroke. She smiles as the precum runs over her fingers and her smile gets even bigger when she feels him tensing up as he prepares to cum. A few firm and fast strokes later and a huge load is spurting out of the freshly jerked cock just like Charlotte McKenna wanted!


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