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Watch Teeners Make Cock Bust - July 19 at Club Tug

Teeners Make Cock Bust - July 19

Club Tug teen Gia shows off her new bf to Zoe Rae. The two teens get tipsy and start playing with their pussy's. When Gias bf cock gets hard at the site, the two babes make him spurt his jizz all over themselves.

Watch Teasing Jimmy - June 27 at Club Tug

Teasing Jimmy - June 27

Mrs. James is in a hurry when she walks in on neighbor Jimmy playing with his new toy. "OMG!...Jimmy let me try it" Mrs. James has no time to spare, so she quickly jerks the stud off with a squishy until his huge cock explodes. "Now c'mon Jimmy, get outta here, my husband is on his way!"

Watch Sienna Hills Boobs Fucked - Sept 03 at Club Tug

Sienna Hills Boobs Fucked - Sept 03

Big boobed babe Sienna loves to let guys jerk off on her juggs. But when Joey is around, the perverted milf lets him titty fuck her. Joey spurts his goo all over Mrs. Hills massive juggs in a handjob tittyfuck session.

Watch Shopping with Step Mom - Mar 20 at Club Tug

Shopping with Step Mom - Mar 20

Charlee Chase loves taking her step son shopping at the mall. She wants to try on some bikinis and asks her step son if he likes what she's picked out. With his hormones raging he struggles to hide his erection so Charlee decides to jerk him off in the fitting room to calm him down.

Watch Stacie Vs. Jimmy - June 23 at Club Tug

Stacie Vs. Jimmy - June 23

Milf neighbor Stacie Starr peeks in and sees Jimmy jerking off his massive cock as he begs her to join in. She reluctantly agrees but what she doesn't realize is the whole thing is secretly taped ...until she finds the hidden camera, and decides to have a little fun of her own! Only at Club Tug

Watch Jackie and Margo Handjob - March 02 at Club Tug

Jackie and Margo Handjob - March 02

After getting a lil tipsy at her party next door, these milfs wanna jerk jizz before thier husbands gets home. "Hurry up Jackie I wanna see this cock burst" Watch as these two armatures coax gallons of cum from the neighbor!

Watch Handyman Gets Milked - May 26 at Club Tug

Handyman Gets Milked - May 26

When milf Tina cant pay the handyman for his services, she comes up with a payment plan of her own. By inviting his wife over to swap. The swinging milfs stroke three big boners until there are all creamed with cum. Suffice it to say she did not need to pay back the handyman.

Watch Cock Treatment - Oct 24 at Club Tug

Cock Treatment - Oct 24

Mike asks his boss to allow him to visit the company's doctor instead of going to the office. Dr Ferrera believes he needs to relieve all this stress that makes him suffer. She jerks and sucks his boner until he explodes with salty semen.

Watch Mrs. Sexton Jacks Off Scotty - Mar 26 at Club Tug

Mrs. Sexton Jacks Off Scotty - Mar 26

Young Scotty is masturbating when Mrs. Sexton accidentally spots him in the other room. The curious milf notices how large young Scotty's cock is and give him a helping hand. "Its ok to cum Scotty...dont be embarrassed" Says the horny clubtug milf.

Watch Makenna and Alexis Tug job Video - Oct 25 at Club Tug

Makenna and Alexis Tug job Video - Oct 25

Teenagers Makenna and her bff Alexis like to smoke cigs when their bored at home, but things get out of hand when Makenna calls up her big cock neighbor for some fun. The two teens tag team his cock, jerking and smoking until they are cum covered.

Watch Mom Makes Johnny Jizz - Jan 02 at Club Tug

Mom Makes Johnny Jizz - Jan 02

Mrs. Astoria's hubby is out of town again. She calls up her neighbor Johnny to give her a hand in the kitchen. When Johnny arrives, he notices Mrs. Astoria a little tipsy. He takes full advantage of the situation by coaxing her to stroke his big boner.

Watch Teen Makes Cock Nut - May 18 at Club Tug

Teen Makes Cock Nut - May 18

Petite teen Autumn walks in on Joey masturbating, again. She scolds him and tells him its gross. But she notices how nice his cock is and since no one is around, she wants to see him nut. The perverted teen strokes his cock until it erupts all over her.

Watch Mom and Teen Jerk Giant Dick - Jul 23 at Club Tug

Mom and Teen Jerk Giant Dick - Jul 23

Teen babe Stella is about that age where she needs to learn the art of milking big shafts. Her perverted step-mother comes up with the idea to bring in the biggest dick in the neighborhood to teach her, Joey and his giant penis gets milked and jacked by this horny duo.

Watch Melanie Hicks Loves Dicks - Oct 30 at Club Tug

Melanie Hicks Loves Dicks - Oct 30

Sexy stripper babe Melanie Hicks inst getting many tips at the local strip joint where she works weekends. Her customers always say she isn't doing enough, so this teen takes maters into her own hands by jerking off patrons in the back room for some extra cash.

Watch Fitting Room Fantasy - Sep 16 at Club Tug

Fitting Room Fantasy - Sep 16

Hot Mom Stacie likes to take her step son Dan shopping but when she tries on a sexy new outfit he gets aroused in the fitting room. His cock is rock hard and Stacie decides to mils him dry right there in the fitting room.


Student Fondles Mrs. Starr

Student Fondles Mrs. Starr

When Mrs. Starr accidentally exposes her massive tits in front of the class, Billy cant help but reach in for a feel. But when he pulls out his rock hard cock and begins masturbating things get out of hand fast, as Mrs. Starr jerks him off in front of everyone.

Run Time: 12:02
Pictures 192
Date Added: Aug 16
Model(s): Stacie and Billy
Mr. Franklin gets Milked

Mr. Franklin gets Milked

Mr. Franklin coaxes his teen neighbor JC to come over and help jack him off while his wife is away on a business trip. "ok Mr Franklin its a deal, I will jerk your big huge cock again like last time...but only if my friend Zoe can come with me".

Run Time: 11:43
Pictures 175
Date Added: Aug 22
Model(s): JC and Zoe
Dacey Harlot

Dacey Harlot: Cum with Cousin

Its always fun when Brads cousin Dacey Harlot stops by because that generally means the horny teen is down for whatever. The cute and pint sized teen crosses every line imaginable when he pulls out brads 9 inch rod and starts tugging on it on the balcony and she just wont stop until she gets her creamy seed.

Run Time: 12:02
Pictures 187
Date Added: March 26
Model(s): Dacey Harlot
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