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Scotty is beating his meat to get some much needed relief when Mrs. Sexton spots him from the next room in this episode from The horny MILF can’t help but lust over his gigantic cock and she immediately makes her way into the room the younger lad is masturbating in hoping he’ll let her stroke his dick and he gladly does. She takes over the cock stroking duties treating Scotty to a spitting handjob that culminates into an earth shattering release that blows him away and makes his toes curl.

Mrs. Sexton is hungry for cock and when she finds Scotty masturbating, she knows this is her one and only chance to satisfy her cock craving so she pounces on him with no shame and starts admiringly stroking his throbbing big dick for him. The younger man watches in awe as the sexy blonde MILF flawlessly polishes his erect penis with just one hand and when his cock gets a bit dry, the older babe spits on it, lubing it up real good for yet another round.

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The next cock milking round involves Mrs. Sexton tightening her grip around Scotty’s bulging cock and biting down on her lower lip as she milks his cock with all her might. She’s determined to make him cum harder than he ever has before and her mission is accomplished when a long stream of jizz comes shooting out of Scotty’s pulsating cock after a few minutes of intense cock milking.


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