Mrs. Comet Gives Her Student A Post Orgasm Stroke Job in Detention


Detention is supposed to be boring, right? Well, Mrs. Comet didn’t get that memo. She has to babysit Joey who got himself in trouble again. She’s had it with his shit so she tells him to drop his pants and lay on the ground. He’s confused by her instructions but he follows them nonetheless. No one told him part of his punishment would be getting naked in class and as this video from shows, he certainly didn’t anticipate getting jerked off by his hot teacher either!

Mrs comet jerking off her student

What Joey doesn’t know is that Mrs. Comet isn’t your average teacher. She keeps a bottle of lube in her desk drawer and once the younger man is naked on the floor, she reaches for it and then gets to work on his dick. She’s bossy as hell as she orders him to remain still and let her get on with her work. He does as he’s told and it pays off big time for him.

horny teacher giving a student a handjob

Mrs. Comet has never seen a dick this big. She’s pretty impressed with Joey’s massive package and she actually starts to get flustered as she strokes it. Her legs spread just a little more exposing her panties and you can almost see how moist she is in between the legs. Tugging her student’s dick is making her hornier than she’s ever been. The older teacher finishes Joey off with her hands and then strokes him post orgasm – just because she can!

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